From Servicio10 we have compiled some of the questions that our clients and users ask us most frequently. If you cannot find your query here, do not hesitate to send it to us through our contact form.

What not to do if your mobile gets wet?

It should not be shaken or shaken because water could move through the device, keep it off and not start pressing keys or buttons on the device.

What to do?

Try to remove both the SD and SIM from the slots, use a cloth or some paper towel.

What to do if you drop your mobile and it does not turn on?

Put it to charge for at least 15 or 30 minutes, charge it with another charger, try to do a “hard reset”.

What kind of checks should a user make to repair his mobile? (software issues and updates)

Way 1 (advisable for the user)

Go to main menu

-> Settings -> Advanced system -> Reset options -> Clear all data (factory

reset -> Delete all data -> Delete all dat

Way 2 ( not advisable for the user )

The hard reset with the power and volume button is the least advisable, the phone is put in Recovery mode and if it is done incorrectly and / or the phone has a problem, it may not turn on again.

1) Turn off the device, press and hold «Volume up» key + «Power» key until LCD light turns on to enter recovery mode;

2) Press «Volume» key to select «Wipe data / factory reset» and press «Power» key to confirm

Way 3

The phone is put in test or manual test mode, It will not damage the phone, but it is not advisable.

With the phone switched on, press the sequence * # 2886 # -> manu -> factory reset

If the screen breaks, is there anything I can do before sending it in for repair?

Make a backup of the terminal if possible, and a hard reset of it.

Typical mistakes that users make that could damage the mobile warranty.

You should not handle the equipment without technical knowledge.

What are the most common repairs?

The most common repairs are usually for broken screen, battery change, and change of chassis / back cover.

What should the user do before having their mobile phone repaired (if it is operational)?

Make a backup copy of the terminal if possible and a hard reset of it.